Saturday, April 18, 2015

Afternoon at the Art Museum

Paige preparing a masterpiece

Our life isn't always hockey games and monster truck shows. Sometimes we get a little bit of culture.

It was Families Free Saturday, so we spent the afternoon at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. The staff always tries to make the exhibit interactive and fun, but some collections are better suited to kids than others.

Latino protest art is a toughy.

A scavenger hunt for pieces about class struggles, racism, and deplorable working conditions was a bit heavy.

For another activity, the kids got to make their own protest posters. I guess my kids don't have too much to protest. 

Paige made a pretty piece.

Curtis went a bit darker, drawing a skull like the many we had seen in the exhibit. But, in typical Curtis fashion, he immediately scribbled over it--not wanting anyone to think he had actually enjoyed making it.

Tate was the only one to take advantage of the letter stencils that were provided. With the ability to write any word in the world, he asked me to help him write just one: hamburger.

I think Tate was the kid who enjoyed the museum the most. After walking through the exhibition, we explored the permanent collection.

You know what type of sculptures are in a permanent collection? Nudes. You know what nude sculptures have? Bums. You know what makes a four-year-old boy laugh? Bums.

"Curtis," Tate snickered. "Get over here! Look at this bum!" Snicker, snicker.

Culture really suits us well.

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