Friday, October 22, 2004

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion!

Greetings from Amsterdam! Traci and I, trying to fit in with the local culture, have both purchased knee-high boots and we are tucking our jeans into them. That definitely is the style here in the Netherlands. Watch out, it will soon be taking America by storm. We have not been run over by any trams or buses (yet), but did have to take an alternate route to Picadilly Circus in London because someone was under the train. Ouch!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

London Calling

Is the UK ready for the Sutherlands? I guess we'll both soon find out. I am not really looking forward to 11 hours in the air, but I am proud to say that I made a playlist for my iPod that is 8 1/2 hours long. It's gonna be pretty intense. I just hope that the battery will last that long. If the battery gives out, I am going to spend my time writing a children's book.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Too Fat for the Chimney

Our insurance sent us a letter stating that if we are willing to exercise 30 minutes a day for 100 days in the next year, they will pay us each $60. It's not a lot of money, but I figure it will give us some motivation to work out a bit more regularly than we are doing now. So to sign up for the program we had to go to a little health check up yesterday. Traci's only lasted about 10 minutes, while mine took about 30 minutes. Why so long? They had to tell me that I'm too fat!

Our blood pressure, cholesterol, and body mass index were all measured. It turns out that my cholesterol is through the roof. The problem is not my total cholesterol, but the fact that like 90 percent of my total cholesterol is coming from the bad kind--i.e. all of the good-tasting, bad-for-your-health food that I eat.

The health lady gave me a big lecture about eating better. She asked me what I usually eat for breakfast. I replied a bit timidly, "Well, I had a hotdog for breakfast this morning."

"A hotdog? You shouldn't eat hotdogs for breakfast. Actually, you shouldn't eat hotdogs ever."

We had a long conversation about what I should and shouldn't be eating. Here's what it all came down to: I want to eat regular stuff for lunch and the health folks think I should eat "a sandwich on whole wheat bread, maybe with a nice spinach spread and some grilled chicken. You could also have some carrot sticks. And because you're kind of a big guy, you could also have some yogurt." Hmmm. That shouldn't be much of an adjustment. Does anyone know where I can buy some spinach spread?

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

New Jimmy Eat World

The wait is nearly over. The new Jimmy Eat World record comes out next week. You can stream the whole album this week through at I'm gonna check it out as soon as I get to my other job. Can't wait.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Thanks, Columbus

Hooray for Columbus Day! Because I work at a bank I get to enjoy a paid day off in honor of a guy who may or may not have inadvertently discovered North America. Thanks, Columbus. You're the bomb.

Since I work two part-time jobs, I really only got half a day off. I am now at my afternoon job, where people don't care about Columbus. Where's the patriotic love? It would be cool to have a whole day off, but nevertheless, I was grateful for a relaxing morning.

I was able to use the time to work on recording one of my new songs. I had already recorded a majority of the tracks and the song was just sitting around, waiting to be finished. I touched some stuff up today, mostly finalized the vocals and recorded a really crappy guitar solo. Now I just need to solidify the bass line and a tweak a few things. I'm hoping it's going to be pretty rockin. I would really like to get it done before I head to England. That may or may not really come to pass. We'll see.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Either the movie Psycho or possibly The Lost Boys

I just got back from my interview at Basher Auto Auctions. (It's pronounced bah-sheer, not Basher, like it sounds. They probably don't want the name to sound like a car wreck) While attempting to travel deep into the west desert, I got a bit lost and ended up at Salt Lake International Airport. Small detour. It took me 40 minutes to get to the interview and 20 to get back.

Once I found the place, I was ready to turn right around. I walked into the very large reception area and soon found I was completely surrounded by wildlife. Or should I say "wild death." There were taxidermied animals everywhere. It was incredible. The walls were lined with various mounted animal heads. In the center of the area was an entire display of animals--deer, elk, bears. I walked up stairs to my interview and waited on the couch across from the coyote and birds.

It made me think about the movie The Lost Boys, where Corey Feldman's grandpa keepS giving him real stuffed animals as gifts unitl he has a whole closet full of 'em. I wonder if you receive a deer head every time you get a promotion at Basher Auto Auctions.

Because I'm Such a Car Guy

I have been applying for jobs for the past five months. Despite sending out a million resumes, I have heard back from very few employers. Those who have replied have all sent me rejection letters. I haven't even had one interview.

I sent out another batch of resumes earlier this week. Literally two minutes after I had sent the emails I got a phone call. Since I had sent resumes out to a bunch of different people I wasn't really sure what job this person was talking about.

When I got off the phone I realized I had been talking to Brasher's Auto Auction. Auto Auction? Me? I don't know anything about cars. What have I gotten myself into? I figure they must be pretty desperate if they got back to me so soon. The position is for helping to design and implement new marketing materials.

I don't really know if this is job that I would take, even if I was offered it. I think it's only going to be part time and the place is on 700 South and 5600 West. I have an interview this afternoon. It's not like I have so many offers that I can really afford to pass this one up. We'll see how it goes.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Leaping to My Death from the Sky Ride

We listen to MUZAK satellite at my work. The screen stopped working a few weeks ago and we couldn't see which station it was on. That was not too big of a deal because we could still change the station with the remote. Now the remote is not working and we're really in trouble. My boss just put it on a station that makes me feel like I am riding on the Sky Ride at Lagoon. It's that horrible, horrible eleveator music. The soft, instrumental guitar crap. I thought the country music we're often forced to listen to was bad, but I think this might be worse. As I type I am hearing one of the few songs with words, "The Glory of Love." Please, go back to the awful instrumental songs!

Monday, October 04, 2004

Crappy Vacation for Daniel-san

I watched Karate Kid II with my brother-in-law last night. I was pretty excited because I hadn't seen it in at least 10 years. (It's been 20 years since I stood outside of the Murray Theatre doing the crane kick after being inspired by Karate Kid I.) Now that I am a bit older, the movie forces me to ask the question, what did Daniel-san tell his friends about his summer vacation to Japan when he got home?

Here's what I think he said:

1. I went to Japan with my best friend--a 60-year-old Japanesese man.
2. I got to see Mr.Myagi's dad die.
3. Mr. Myagi was challenged to a fight to the death by a man who spoke in a very scary voice
4. I got a little bit of "yellow fever" and fell in love with a Japanese girl named Yukie
5. I got beat up at a club
6. A big stormed almost destroyed the whole village
7. I fought a battle to the death, and it was pretty sweet because I didn't die

What a great movie!

Though Yukie was cute, she was not nearly as hot as "Ali...with an 'i.'"

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Sorry, No Chuck For You

I guess my dad is done with me. With the exception of my mission, I have gone to priesthood session with my dad every six months for the past 12 years. After the meeting we always go to Chuck-a-Rama. It's the only time I ever get to go to the Chuck because Traci refuses to eat there.

This past weekend my dad threw me a curveball. He said he was going to go out of town with my mom. What was I supposed to do? Who was I supposed to go to the conference with, and more importantly, what about the Chuck?!

I ended up going with Traci's dad and little brother. There was no Chuck after. We went to the drive-thru at Arby's. I don't know how I am going to deal with all of this.