Sunday, October 29, 2006

Baby Free Vacation

We have just returned from my friend Ty's wedding in Las Vegas. While it was probably a big deal for Ty to participate in holy matrimony and all, but the real story was that we had our first baby-free vacation.

Paige spent the weeknd with the Pearsons. Traci was in tears before we even made it to the freeway, but we continued on. It was weird to not have her around; everytime I looked behind me I expected to see her in the baby seat.

We had a good trip. We saw the Ansel Adams exhibit at the Bellagio. We slept in and took naps. I ate potato products at every meal. What more could we have asked for? Oh yeah, and we went shopping, but everything Traci bought ended up being for the baby.

On the drive home, we were both gettting pretty excited to see Junior. We were a little worried that she would be mad at us when we picked her up, (Paige: Horrible parents, ditching me while they go on vacation.) but she gave us an enormous smile when we walked in. We'll see how she does tomorrow when Traci takes her back over to the Pearson's while she goes to work.

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