Thursday, October 19, 2006

Spencer for Hire

Who wouldn't hire this guy?

I had a job interview today. What's worse than a job interview, really? I interviewed for a job with Select Health, the insurance arm of Intermountain Healthcare. (Formerly known as IHC. The company changed its name when everyone decided they hated IHC.)

I am sure that they were impressed by my gray shirt. Now that I am seeing it in picture form, it kind of looks like a Jiffy Lube uniform. I am sure they totally would have offered me the job if I was wearing my classy belt from the WE in Amsterdam, but I couldn't find it anywhere this morning. Hopefully they didn't notice my ghetto Ethnies belt.

Bosses' Boss: So how was the interview?
Boss: The kid was okay, but I think he came straight here from his job at Jiffy Lube.
Bosses' Boss: Jiffy Lube? I hate that place.
Boss: Yeah, I hate that kid, too. Let's not hire him.

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