Sunday, October 15, 2006

Oh, You Better Bring It!

Not since “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” has there been such an impressive third installation to a trilogy. Okay, I’m being a bit overdramatic, but continuing on with my reviews of teenage girl movies [see “Stick It” and “She’s the Man”], here’s my thought on “Bring It On: All or Nothing.”

The first “Bring It On” equals best movie ever. Because “Bring It On Again,” the straight-to-DVD-not-really-a-sequel-just-a-way-to-make-money sequel was almost unwatchable (almost – I didn’t only watch it, I own it. But only because I got it as a gift combined with the original. Best. Birthday Present. Ever.) I didn’t have high hopes for part three. I was happily mistaken.

Now, “All or Nothing” has nothing on the Kirsten Dunst version, (because there was no Kirsten Dunst) but it did have some good stuff. The movie stars Hayden Panettiere [Britney] – the little girl from “Remember the Titans” and Solange Knowles [Camille] – Beyonce’s not attractive little sister.

Britney’s rich dad loses his job, so she and her family have to move to the ghetto high school, and thus giving up her position as cheerleading captain. Once at the new school, she meets tough black girl Camille and mayhem ensues. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but here’s some of the intense dialogue:

Britney: I didn't know you were a cheerleader.
[laughs] Camille: I'm the cheerleader. I'm captain.
Britney: So? I was captain at my old school.
Camille: And now you go to my school. So I guess that makes you... nothing.

Oh, snap!!! Sounds like y’all gotta movie you best rent this weekend.

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