Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Hope They Call Me On a...

In Amsterdam with our good friends the Joneseses

I spent an hour with the missionaries last night, waiting for an investigator to not show up. Though I’ve been the ward mission leader for almost a year, my interaction with the elders has been almost all business.

Last night, however, they finally let their guard down and I heard them interact like humans. One of the dudes is going home next month and they were talking about all the awesomeness that happens at the end of the mission.

Here are some of the highlights:

Elder 1: I’m going to get to go to conference like the week before I go home.
Elder 2: That’s sweet.
E1: And then I get to go downtown on my last day.
E2: Downtown?
E1: Well, not all of downtown. Just Temple Square…AND the Church museum.
E2: The church museum is AWESOME! Are you going to go on the temple tour?
E1: And have them tell me all the stuff I already know? Nah.
E2: But you get to go the Joseph Smith movie, right?
E1: Yeah. I should take my digital camera and tape it for you and send you a copy.
E2: And you’d get struck by lightning.

On the last day of my mission I went to Amsterdam with all the other elders who were going home. I bought some silver man capris (or man-pris) that had Velcro on all the pockets at a store called The Bizzee Bee. On the way there we walked past the Amsterdam Sex Museum and a bunch of coffee (the Dutch euphemism for marijuana) shops. Then I bought some white Pumas that looked like baseball cleats.

To each his own, I guess.

And as added bonus, here’s one other conversation piece:

E1: I wish there was a Seagull Book where I live.
E2: I love Seaguall Book. I could spend hours there. If could have like a $5,000 gift certificate anywhere, I’d choose Seagull Book.
Me: Me, too.


Allison and Noah Riley said...

THAT is awesomeness if I have ever read it.

Also, I would like to see the silver manpris some time.

Elder Hud said...

I'm thinking that E1 might be, as they called them in my mission, an apostate. What kind of Elder, who has learned so much in the previous 23 months would even consider taping the Joseph Smith movie.

So in my mission, one of the 'worst missionaries' out there got labeled as such because he and his companion went and watched the re-released Star Wars on p-day. His companion I imagine covered his eyes the whole time to only be labeled a 'follower.'

I had a hard time talking to him because all I could see was the sin.

Jeremy Blanchard said...

I am jealous of your location

Cheeseboy said...

We had a word for Elders like this on my mission: "dorks"

That is a pretty funny story though and those Elders definitely deserve each other.

ribbij said...

I'm trying to imagine how I would have reacted to hearing that conversation.