Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Starry Eyed

My television debut was aired yesterday morning. I snuck away from my duties at the drive-thru window to check it out in the break room. I had originally planned on gathering all of my credit union coworkers to watch it with me, but I changed my mind. If I was going to look like an idiot I wanted to see it by myself first.

It was pretty good. I realized two things, though:

1. My voice is gayer than I thought
2. I need to start going to the tanning salon. I was incredibly pale.

Now to begin a career in television...


Jaclyn said...

Hey, so what channle/program/movie/show or whatever were you on?

Jaclyn said...

hey so what channle/program/movie/tv show were you on?

Jaclyn said...

opps.. Sorry! I didnt see it come up..

oh ya, and channel***

su-tang 3000 said...

I was on a little local program called "Our Town" in Salt Lake, on KSL channel 5. It's basically like a Public Service Announcement, the only difference being they conduct it like an interview.

Nothing to be too excited about (but hey, how often am I on TV?)