Monday, June 20, 2005

No Escape from Camping

Oh, karma. Somehow during the three months that I served as Scoutmaster I never had to go on a campout. Well, after a year and half in the Elders Quorum, I just got put back into the Young Men's Presidency. You can't escape camping forever - of course one week into this new calling I was asked to go on a campout.

So this past Friday night I took the Varsity and Explorer scouts to our stake property for an overnighter. It was all good because Ghetto Superstar Richard Seiger was in charge. That boy likes to keep camping simple:

Dinner = stop at the Wendy's in Park City
Breakfast = donuts and bagels

This was the first time that I've slept in a tent since '97. When I woke up in the morning I was surprised not to see Jason Young, Bert Smith or Andy Klc.

We spent 3 hours building a horseshoe pit as a service project. When we got done we asked the boys if they wanted to play some horseshoes. "No, not really," they all mumbled. Hooray for teenage apathy.

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