Monday, September 11, 2006

Baby Paige Updates

Paige is thoroughly entertained by this Wendy's Kids Meal toy.

The other day my friend Bert showed up unexpectedly with his wife and his 6-month-old baby, Mackenzie. While 10-month-old Paige was lying immobile on the floor, Mackenzie was crawling all over the place - crawling over Paige, stealing her toys and then quickly making her getaway. Paige was helpless to defend herself.

The doctor always says "don't compare your kid to other kids." Yeah, right. After Bert left, we got serious about this crawling thing. "Listen kid, it's time for you to start crawling," I say. She just looks at me like 'yeah right, dad. Whatev.' We both know who the boss is.

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Anonymous said...

In my defense- Paige doesn't always have crazy hair- I make it cute- but we just always take the pictures when it's crazy because it's more fun!