Saturday, June 09, 2007

Matt & Kim (Again)

I went to the Matt & Kim show tonight at Kilby Court. Looking back on my life, I think the Matt & Kim show that I went six months ago was the last show I've even been to.

They rocked just as thoroughly as last time. There were more people there and they played a lot longer. (Last time they only played for about 15 minutes, this time it was 30+. Almost epic by comparison, really.)


--They were wearing the exact same clothes that they were six months ago
--They played a rock-i-fied version of my fav M&K song "Light Speed"
--Because there were more people, it wasn't as obvious that I was the only one over age 17

Before the show I told Matt and Kim how much Paige loves to dance to their music (giving away that I was older than 17). They seemed to think that was radicool. I told them I would send them a video of her sweet dance moves.

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