Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Morning at the Gynecologist

So I'm sitting at the gyn-o-cologist this morning just minding my own bid'ness watching my two favorite shows, Regis & Kelly and Good Things Utah, when out of nowhere the doctor comes in and tells us we're going to have another baby. (I don't even know where babies come from. I looked on the internet at work, but a red flashing firewall screen said I needed to ask my mom.)

Traci's 12 weeks pregnant with a little alien that I saw on the ultrasound. The nurse spun the Wheel o' Due Dates and it looks like April 29 is the blessed day.


Mick and Tiff said...

Congrats!! That is exciting. After being pregnant with Addy when someone tells me that they are pregnant I get very excited but then I get this pit in my stomach because I know how sick and not "normal" you feel being pregnant so at the same time I feel bad for Traci. Why don't babies just fall from the sky? It is super exciting though. Paige will be a sister....

ribbij said...


Matilda said... made me laugh out loud!

I miss you guys!!

CONGRATS!!!! Praying for a smoother delivery, I'll start NOW!!!

Tell Tracie HI!!


stephanie said...

Congratulations! I'm obviously a little late on my excitement, but it's genuine nonetheless. Traci, I hope you're feeling well!!