Sunday, November 04, 2007

TV: Spencer vs. Traci

Shows that Spencer likes that Traci doesn't:

-Prison Break
-Gossip Girl

Shows Traci likes that Spencer doesn't:

-Scrubs (I even hate the theme song)
-Girls Next Door
-America's Top Model (Urge to kill Tyra Banks. Growing. Growing.)

Lame things currently on our DVR:

Legally Blonde the Musical (Traci)
High School Musical 2 (Traci)
Mad Hot Ballroom (Traci)
Gridiron Gang (Spencer)*
Step Up (Spencer)*

*I haven't watched either of these yet and I know Traci won't watch them with me. If anyone wants to come over, let me know.


Anonymous said...

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2- TRACI!! NOT! That is not mine- that is on there only for our nephew, who wanted to watch it, but his parents won't get cable (I know you're reading this, Vogies! :) I don't like it because Zach Efron's creepy slip-on Vans and rolled capri jeans outfit at the end grosses me out! And I don't like Sharpay!

Matilda said...

Oh my hell you guys are making me laugh this morning!

Steve doesn't like ANYTHING I like...well...The Soup...oh and we all like Kid Nation, but I think HE likes it, cuz he wants the boys to go on it!

And for the record, we-Steve excluded- LOVE HSM at our house!!

Thanks for the laugh!

su-tang 3000 said...

I think it's funny that Traci had already commented on this post like 5 minutes after I posted it. I was sitting on the LoveSac when I wrote it, she was asleep on the couch. Somewhere between the time she woke up from the couch and went to sleep on the bed she managed to defend herself as to High School Musical. Traci and I only should only communicate via internet. We could sit in the same room and IM or something.

Unknown said...

I watched Step Up and I liked it.