Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Boredom-Inspired Lists

Top Names for Our Forthcoming Son

1. Max Power
2. Lance Uppercut
3. Rock Strongo
4. Dr. Death
5. Horatio Caine

Bands I Would Like to Play In

1. The Travoltas
2. Alkaline Trio
3. Millencolin
4. Streetlight Manifesto
5. Nada Surf
6. Bouncing Souls

Reasons Why the TV Writers' Strike Has Got to End

1. Traci is now watching those shows on TLC about families with 16 kids
2. Snoop Dogg's "Fatherhood" is the best thing on our DVR (There were obviously no writers for the show - if there were, they should never work again)
3. I've already watched every re-run of 30 Rock at least twice
4. Without new episodes of The Office, my coworkers and I have nothing to talk about on Friday mornings. Silence. Eerie silence.

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