Thursday, February 28, 2008

Big Girl Bed

We're now on day two of Paige's transition from the crib to the big girl bed. Traci and I were both pleasantly surprised when, on the first night, she went down and woke back up just fine. It was a good thing that we had put up the bed railing. In the morning, she was firmly pressed against the railing, actually leaning over the side of the bed.

Night two went off without a hitch. However, when we went into her room this morning she was nowhere to be found--not on the bed, not on the floor beside it. Upon further inspection, she was on the floor at the head of the bed, fast asleep.

So we're not sure if she got off the bed or fell off the bed; either way she seemed content enough on the floor.

"Paige," I said, "Did you sleep on the big girl bed?"

"Big girl bed," she replied.

I figured she didn't know she was on the floor, so I just congratulated her on sleeping on the bed and she got up and watched The Wiggles.

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