Sunday, May 11, 2008

Go Jazz Go

I love how Larry H. Miller skips Sunday Jazz games for religious reasons, but then spends his evening being interviewed on the set of SportsBeat Sunday.

Sunday Jazz games are a funny thing for all us Mormons. If you are a ticket holder, do you go to the game? That's usually an easy decision. But what do you do with your ticket?

"Hey, not-LDS friend, I value the Sabbath day, but you don't so much. Do you want my ticket?"

Values are funny things. If you believe something is bad, but you know others like it, what do you do? Do you sell alcohol at your grocery store? Do you show Brokeback Mountain at your movie theater? Do you play rock and roll shows at Burt's Tiki Lounge?

Whatever the answer, I am happy that the Jazz were able to defend their home court.

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Elder Hud said...

My Sunday School teacher who later became my bishop one day got some third row seats to a playoff game on a Sunday. He decided to go, and of course was featured on the front page where he was clearly visible in a shot of John Stockton passing.

Moral of the story, never do something that isn't up to your standards if there is a chance it can be featured in the newspaper.