Thursday, January 13, 2011

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Here is what's been in my headphones lately. (Click the links for full reviews)

The Black Pacific, The Black Pacific Former Pennywise singer's new band. Better than anything Pennywise has done in the 2000s. Highly recommended. (I'd also recommend his book Punk Rock Dad.)

Styrofoam, Disco Synthesizers & Daily Tranquilizers I loved Styrofoam's early, lo-fi stuff. This full-band style doesn't work for me.

Good Charlotte, Cardiology I only listened to this because of Chris Wilson. It was as pedestrian as I had expected.  

I also did my first band interview in a long time. Here's my article about Peter Wolf Crier. If you like the somber indie folk (Blind Pilot, AA Bondy, Chris Walla, etc.), it's worth checking out. Check out some videos:

Hard As Nails -

Down Down Down -

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