Friday, February 25, 2011

David Archuleta Fans Are Way Tougher than Eminem's

Remember when Eminem's fans hated me so much? (P.S. that article has now gathered more than 13,000 views.)  Well, that's nothing compared to the wrath I'm suffering from the hardcore David Archuleta fans.

A few days ago, I posted this quick little post about Archie being dropped from his label. I'm now expecting a full-on attack by an army of 13-year-old girls.

My favorite of all the comments was "If you look at David's Twitter account after midnight..." I was hoping the sentence was going to end there. My mind quickly filled in the blanks about what was going down at an after-hours Archie party.

Anyhoo, this is the last you'll see of me as I'm entering the music critic relocation program tomorrow.

1 comment:

Cheeseboy said...


Don't you know he shares our religions.

(Although I think his dad was busted with prostitutes.)