Thursday, August 25, 2011

The First Day of the Next Twelve Years

There were a lot of tears this morning as Paige prepared to go off to kindergarten. Fortunately, none were shed by Paige. (Despite the overcast morning, Traci had to wear her sunglasses as we walked to the bus.)

She got on to the bus like a champ. I walked up the steps with her, led her to an open bench, and gave her a kiss. Just like that, she went away to college kindergarten.

Traci and the boys followed Paige to school to make sure she got from the bus to the classroom. There she learned that the kids are dumped off at the playground until the bell rings.

She looked around for Paige, but couldn't spot her anywhere. She finally found her by herself, hidden among the throngs of big kids.

"I don't know where I'm supposed to go, Mom."

Traci's heart was instantly broken.

Only to finally be repaired when the bus eventually came back with a very happy five-year-old.

"We had THREE recesses!"

While mom and dad spend conjuring up the infinite of number of things that could go wrong, Paige was having the best day ever. How you beat three recesses?

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Karin said...

cute paige