Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Parenthood Firsts: The "Sick" Day

I was at work when Paige's elementary school called.

"Hi, this is the secretary. We've got Paige here in the sick room. She says her stomach doesn't feel well and she thinks she might throw up."


"Can you come pick her up or would you like us to keep her here?"

"I'm at work, but my wife should be home. Let me see if I can track her down."

I found Traci and she headed over to pick up our sick little girl. I was heading into a meeting, but I asked her to text me when she picked Paige up.

TRACI: I've got her, but I feel really doubtful that she's sick.

This was at about 11:00. Traci takes Curtis to preschool at 12:30.

SPENCER: See if she wants to go back when you take Curtis.

TRACI: She's mad because I told her that if she's sick, she can't have any Halloween candy. She doesn't want to go back, though.

TRACI: She just asked me for lunch. I asked about her "sick" stomach. She told me it's actually her teeth that hurt. What is the emoticon for rolling eyes? 

Despite the lack of candy, Paige seemed to have a wonderful day off of school. I got this text later in the afternoon.

TRACI: Paige is in her room playing school. Apparently being a teacher requires you to speak in a British accent. 

Oh, the irony of staying home from school just so you can play school in your room.

I guess this shouldn't have come as too much of a surprise. Just the Sunday before, Paige said to me, "Can we stay home from church today?"

"No," I replied. "We have to go to church."

"We could just pretend we're sick."

Yes, I thought. Yes, we could.

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