Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Visit to Utah's Hat

I have always wanted to leave Utah and have some grand adventure in New York or Boston or Amsterdam or wherever. But with no master's degree or job transfer or anything else pulling us away, it seems crazy to leave all of the good stuff that we've got here--the cousins and grandmas and Chuck a Ramas.

I have never had big dreams of moving to Idaho (or Utah's hat, as I like to call it), but my work just opened an office in Boise. I haven't been asked to transfer there or anything, but I can't help but wonder if it might be an excuse to pack up and strike out on our own.

Laste week, I spent 48 glorious hours in the state, driving back and forth between Boise and Twin Falls. I was hoping to fall in love. To find a city that had just been waiting for me.


Boise was kind of just a smaller Salt Lake, with fewer mountains and trees (and if you take away those two things, what do you have left? They did, however, have a Chuck a Rama.). 

So I guess we'll just stick around here.


This wonderful tune by Built to Spill has been stuck in my head since last week.

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