Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ah, Christmas

We couldn't really have asked for a better Christmas.

This was the first year that the kids were too excited to sleep. And we had to make a deal with them about what time they could wake up.

Paige: What time can we wake up?

Traci: 7:00.

Paige: How 'bout some time before 7:00? Like 6:00.

Traci: No. 7:00.

Paige: 6:30.

Traci: No.

Paige: 6:59.

Traci: Deal.

At 7:10, Paige woke up and came into our room. We told her she needed to get Curtis before we could go downstairs to see if Santa came.

Paige: Curtis says he doesn't want to get up.

At 7:30, Curtis finally got out of bed and we all headed downstairs.

The before:

The after:

The during:

The mayhem was enjoyed by all.

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