Monday, July 01, 2013

"Dad," Tate Says, "I Need My Purse"

We've been trying to teach our kids about money lately. They have little chores assigned to them and we pay them a small allowance. 

But when you're two years old, where do you store all that cash? If you're Tate, your piggy bank isn't good enough. You want a purse, just like your sister Paige. Luckily, helpful Paige had one to share--this  fabulous pink My Little Pony bag. 

Tate loved it. 

The first thing he said was, "Show Grandpa my purse?"

"Of course, buddy. Of course Grandpa will love to see your new purse."

Grandpa did love it. 


On a related note, Curtis finally had the experience of buying something with his own money. He'd been asking me for weeks to download the full version of NBA 2K13 for the iPad. 

"Curtis, it costs $7. Do you want to use $7 of your money to buy it?" 

He thought about it and decided that he'd be willing to open up his piggy bank. He dutifully counted out the $7 and put it in my hand. I set the money on the counter and we downloaded the game (Curtis had quite a few questions about how we would get the money into the iPad).

The next morning, I noticed that the $7 was no longer on the kitchen counter.

"Curtis," I asked. "Do you know what happened to that money?"

"Yes," he replied, matter-of-factly. "I put it back in my bank."

"Why? That money was for your game."

"Yeah, but I decided I wanted to keep my money, too."

He will make a shrewd businessman.

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