Saturday, January 18, 2014

"Make a Pool"

Tate. It's funny how his little mind processes the world. The other day, he and I were sitting on my bed watching TV. He turned to me and said, "Make a pool."

After three kids and eight years of parenting, I'm getting pretty good at deciphering random demands like this. I somehow knew that Tate wanted me to sit cross-legged, essentially making a "pool" in between my two legs. 

So I did. But I didn't do it right. 

"No!" he shouted. "That's a pond! Make a pool!"

Now I was confused. What could possibly be the difference between a pond and a pool? After much trial and error, I realized that until I crossed my ankles, my legs would remain a pond.

Once I remedied the situation, we had ourselves a proper pool. 

Immediately, Tate shouted," Cannonbaaaaaaaalllll!" and jumped right in.

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