Monday, November 03, 2014

Family Photo Fiasco

Not pictured: Curtis

Is there anything worse than family picture day?

Spoiler alert: No.

Here's a quick recap of this year's attempt:

  • Traci spends at least a week trying to put together the perfect combination of coordinated clothing
  • We're late to the location because Curtis and Tate both refuse to wear those clothes
  • Traci is flustered and frustrated with our obstinate children
  • Curtis is only willing to be in the picture if he can stand behind me and is only willing to poke about an inch of his forehead over my shoulder
  • Tate will be in the picture, but he refuses to smile
  • Paige has the flu and -- despite being a total trooper -- can barely summon the strength for a smile
  • After about five minutes, I'm willing to give up on the whole thing, because now Curtis is refusing to be in the picture at all
  • For one fleeting moment, everyone stands in the same place at the same time. Neither of the boys will smile or say "cheese," but they are willing to burp in unison. Fortunately, with no sound, a burp kind of looks like a smile.
It was an awful, awful evening. And we'll always have a picture to remember it. 

(A huge thank you to our very, very patient photographer. Please accept our apologies.)

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Sooz said...

Precious. The moment. The children. The memories. (Thanks for making ME smile.)