Sunday, March 15, 2015

Birthday Boy

As a rule, Curtis doesn't show a lot of emotion. But at 7:30 a.m. he shuffled into my room, holding his blanket. He pushed his head into my chest and gave me a small squeeze. A hug. He turned around and shuffled back out.

Once you reach age 25 (when you can rent a car without paying extra), there isn't a lot of benefit to having a birthday. It's jut a reminder that you're getting old--old enough to need glasses, to lose your hair, to have hip surgery. But there is one great thing. How much your kids love it.
For my kids, my birthday is almost as exciting as their own.

After my birthday hug, I walked downstairs and they were all the kitchen waiting with presents.

What I Needed Most
I love seeing what the kids pick out for me.

Curtis - Banana socks. A couple of years ago, Traci bought me a Bluth's Frozen Banana shirt, in homage to Arrested Development. (There's always money in the banana stand.) I pretty much wear it all the time. Curtis, spotting banana socks at Target, figured they would be perfect match for my shirt. He also thought they would be the perfect match for my black slacks, so he made me wear them to work that very morning.  

Tate - Nirvana shirt. Tate was happy to give me this Nirvana shirt, not because it represents my favorite band of all time, but because it's a picture of a "frozen smile." I'm sensing a theme here. My kids think I love frozen bananas, frozen smiles, and bananas in general. I think they've got me pegged. 

Paige - Homer. If that wasn't enough, Paige delivered some more favorites. Using her own money, she bought me a little Homer Simpson figure and some Hot Tamales.

Keeping Secrets
Around our house, the toughest thing about birthday presents is not spoiling the surprise. Tate is infamous for being loose-lipped. I was very surprised that I hadn't heard anything from him this year. (Usually it's as subtle as "Dad, we were just at the store buying you a new shirt for your birthday.) The only hint came the night before, when he randomly asked me if I like banana socks. I said yes, though I had know idea what he was talking about. Similarly, Paige asked me if Hot Tamales were still my favorite candy. 

Birthday Week
My actual birthday was just of the many days of celebration. We had a great evening out with the Bawdens (eating Mexican food and discussing Traci's disdain for Friday Night Lights character  Julie Taylor), a party with Traci's family, and a party with my family. Hoping to buy a new guitar pedal, I asked my sisters to give me cash. They handed me a card that Tate helped me open. When he saw the $50 bill inside, he exclaimed,"a FIVE DOLLAR BILL! YOU'RE RICH!"

Happiness at the Chuck

Seven years ago, when my SelectHealth friends asked me where I wanted to go for my birthday lunch. I chose Chuck-a-Rama. It was kind of a sneaky thing to do, really. I was the only one who wanted to the Chuck, but was my birthday so they didn't have a choice. 

From there, a magical tradition was born: The annual Chuck-a-Rama-Rama birthday lunch. 

This year's Chuck-a-Rama-Rama may have been the best yet. 

Not only was I joined by about 30 of my favorite SelectHealth homies (past and present), but I also made some new friends, including the sweet Dutch lady working at the register who wrote me a birthday message (in het nederlands) on a sticky note. 

I'm incredibly lucky to have such good friends. It's been two birthdays since I left SelectHealth, so these people really don't have to come. The fact that they do makes me think they must actually like me. Woo-hoo!

Being 35. It's pretty good so far.

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