Friday, June 26, 2015

Tate and the "Secret Asians"

Clearly, Traci and I need to learn to better enunciate around our children. Everything that comes out of our mouths must sound the same to Tate's ear. Not only does he think secret agents are called secret asians, he also calls:
  • A dugout a digout
  • An umpire a vampire
  • A balcony an valcony
  • The Vancouver Whitecaps the Vancouver Hubcaps (he also calls the Cleveland Cavaliers the Cleveland Hubcaps. I think it's because he thinks the Cavs are really the Caps, which is clearly short for hubcaps. Why he even knows anything about hubcaps, I don't know.)
  • The Baltimore Ravens the Baltimore Raisins
Words are hard when you're a four-year-old.

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