Saturday, September 19, 2015

We're. The. Best. M-H-S!

Last night, I went to my first high school football game since 1997. 

I've been telling myself for the last few years that I wanted to go to a game, it just never happened. It was homecoming, which seemed like as good an excuse an to break my 18-year Spartan football fast. 

We took the whole family and, despite the fact the boys said they WERE NOT cheering for Murray, everyone had a good time. (Curt and Tate have also told me they hate Real Salt Lake, the Utes, the Jazz, the Bees, and the Broncos. Fun.) 

A few random thoughts from the game: 
  1. Despite going to just about every home game from the ages of 14-17, I don't think I ever actually watched a game. I remember playing in the pep band my sophomore year. I remember getting in a fight behind the bleachers in junior high (luckily my buddy Ben actually knew how to fight). And I remember spending every other minute trying to look cool for girls. 
  2. Watching the game takes way less work than looking cool for girls. 
  3. You couldn't ask for a more beautiful backdrop for a football game than the Wasatch mountains. 
  4. I doesn't seem like high school was that long ago. But it was literally half a lifetime ago. I'm not a kid anymore. 
  5. I sat behind a high school buddy, two years my senior, who has a kid in high school. That makes me feel very old. 
  6. Kids in high school are kids. I don't remember being a kid in high school. Maybe I was just very mature. 
  7. I like Murray. Traci loves Murray. Though there have been times I wanted to be as far away from my hometown as humanly possible, it's a great place to live. It was nice to see so many familiar faces--former classmates, teachers, neighbors. Kinda felt like we belonged there. We certainly had the chance to move back to Murray. We chose not to. I think Traci regrets it.  
  8. Donuts are only $1 at the concession stand. But if you wait 'til the third quarter to buy one, they're long gone. 
At this pace, my next MHS football game will be in 2033. I'll be 53. 

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