Sunday, February 28, 2016

Replacing Chase

Starting a new job is hard. Luckily, I had Chase as a cubicle mate. 

When I was the new guy, he was the first guy to welcome me into the group and let me tag along. Since then, we've played lot of catch in the parking lot, tried and failed to become Periscope celebrities, and eaten way too many hot dogs at Costco. 

Despite team reorgs, building moves, and leader changes, we've managed to remain cubie neighbors for two-and-a-half years. 

During the last move, when we were put on different rows, we called in all available favors so we could at least sit across the cubicle wall from each other. And things only got better. 

We took down the divider and made it the ultimate cubicle. Chase put one of his speakers on my side, and I put one of mine on his—and the rap battles began. Or rather, the name that tune/pick your favorite Brand New song/share the best new song of the week games began.  

It was fantastic.

But nothing lasts forever. The powers that be took Chase away and moved him several aisles away. No more rap battles. No more banter about hipsters or man-buns or craft beer. Chase was leaving. And there was no way to replace him. 


It's working pretty good so far. 

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