Thursday, January 13, 2005

Chapstick 1, Spencer Nuthin.

So here it is, like 45 minutes since my last lip balm-related posting. I couldn’t take it any longer; I gave up and walked over to the Campus Bookstore.

Oh, fate’s cruel hand. I looked around the bookstore, but couldn’t find Chapstick anywhere! I walked around the whole place—nothing. Magazines, candy, pens, even hammers—but no lip balm.

I was nearly reduced to asking an employee-like an idiot-if they had any, when I spotted some behind the counter. Pretty slim selection—original or cinnamon. “That’s all you’ve got?” I asked. “They’ve got more around the corner at the Quick Stop." Yes.

I am now back from the Quick Stop, where I found some mint-flavored Blistex. My pride is a bit bruised, but my lips feel medicated, moisturized and SPF 15-protected.

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