Friday, January 21, 2005

LoveSac Infiltrates The OC

Alex...she's not just for boys anymore!

Oh, so much twisted action on The OC last night—drunken fighting, lesbian love affairs, people being swept away by the Pacific Ocean. Despite all of the action, I was most shocked by the appearance of two “puppy fur” LoveSacs in the Cohen house. Whether it’s The Rebel Billionaire, Fox 13 News or now The OC, it is nearly impossible to avoid Shawn Nelson on Fox. I guess I’m going to have to give in and switch to the WB. One Tree Hill, here I come!

For all of you OC haters, here’s just a small portion of what you missed last night (taken from the episode guide on the show’s website):

“Ryan takes Lindsay on a walk down the beach to get some fresh air. He leaves her by the water to grab some coffee and when he returns all he sees is a floating shoe. He dives into the water, yelling for her... but she’s nowhere in sight. Suddenly Seth comes out and starts yelling too. “Ryan, what are you doing?!” Seth assures Ryan that Lindsay’s fine. She’s passed out in Alex’s office. A frustrated and wet Ryan heads into the office and finds Marissa taking care of her. Marissa offers to drive Lindsay home but Ryan thinks she’s done enough for one night. Marissa claims innocence but Ryan isn’t buying it. “Right, it was Lindsay’s idea to pound straight vodka and pass out.” Actually, it was. Ryan yells a little more then he and Seth take off.”

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