Thursday, July 28, 2005

How was Alkaline Trio? I wouldn't know.

Alkaline Trio played at In the Venue last night with Death by Stereo and Rise Against. I bet it was a pretty good show. I wasn't there because Traci put the hammer down and said that now that I am a soon-to-be father I am not allowed to go to concerts by myself anymore. (You know how the news is just FULL of kids getting killed at Alkaline Trio shows) Since my concert buddy Ty - living in Logan, and soon to be living in Las Vegas - is unreliable at best, I've got no one to go to shows with. I wanted to go so bad that I begged one of my 15-year-old scouts to go with me. He didn't think that his dad would let him go.

Let this be something to consider for all of you out there thinking about having children.


Anonymous said...

You didn't think I would let this post go without a comment did you?... It's not that I'm worried about the shows, it's that the shows are usually held in places that are located in the shady part of town. I don't want my husband getting beat up and mugged because he is walking around by himself late at night after a show. I don't want to be a single mother!

Anonymous said...

unreliable at best! I'll remember that.