Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Virtual Superstar

My brother-in-law John grew up in Washington and went to college in Seattle. Thus he (probably against his will) became our trip advisor for our journey to the Pacific Northwest. When we told him we were going to the Seattle Center (home of the Space Needle and the 1962 World’s Fair) he recommended that we visit the Pacific Science Center. We made it the first stop.

After paying our admission, we quickly realized that we were the only adults there not accompanying a child. Did that stop us from having a good time? Oh, hell no!

This is a shot of me playing “Virtual Goalkeeper.” The 12-year-old workers may have thought that it was lame that I kept coming back to play again, but I had to beat the high score of the 11-year-old that was there with his grandpa. Don’t worry, I stomped him!

Look at the great form and the mad skillz.

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