Tuesday, February 14, 2006

LoveSac CEO, Apparently No Longer Sorry

I guess Shawn Nelson isn't sorry about his bankruptcy anymore. Last week I linked to Shawn's apologetic blog entry, but now it is nowhere to be found. It has been replaced with the following:

Going Forward

— shawn @ 4:25 pm

LoveSac is in reorganization and will emerge a much stronger, healthier company. We are making great strides towards providing a plan by which the LoveSac brand and stores can provide value for all of those who have supported it and will support the company going forward.

Meanwhile–support the cause. Sacs and Sactionals make the ULTIMATE home theater furniture.

Never stop rockin’.

We haven’t.


Humility never was his strongest trait. Don't worry, the 50 million pictures of Shawn and his disciples are still available.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Su-Tang,
So I bumped into Ian Camp a few weeks ago, and he told me he's in a band with the CEO of Lovesac. I'm assuming this is the same guy. The name of the band is (no surprise) The Love.