Saturday, February 04, 2006

Poor. Rebel Billionaire.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't ecstatic when I heard that LoveSac filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. $3.2 million dollars in debt. Not bad. (According to the picture above, Shawn still has enough money to pay for an awful emo hairdo.)

Somehow I always knew it would happen. Maybe I was tipped off by the fact that I was never paid in paper currency, only in LoveSac products. I guess I did pretty good for myself, though. I own three Love Sacs, a half dozen nap sacs (the sleeping bag), the foot sac slippers, a couple of beanies, five hoodies and a week's worth of t-shirts. Traci is equally as decked out. Unfortunately, we've always been too embarrased to really wear any of it in public. It was like advertising for Satan. Wait, Satan's kind of cool when it comes to shirts and stuff. Maybe it was like advertising Wal-Mart.

It's unfortunate that my internship at LoveSac pre-dates my blogging career, because the Manifesto would have been full of all sorts of dirt.

Read Shawn's apology to his minions of LoveSac-loving fans here.

Read the DesNews story here.


Nilay said...

Love IT! Love the down fall of LoveSac. The dark side has finally fallen! Great Article Spencer!

tymathis said...

It's about time his fat head was humbled. One bad Christmas my butt. Try one bad idea after another. Try "I'm not going to ask the public what they want, I'm just going to force feed them all the crap I spew out of my big fat head. And then I'll blame it on Christmas." Stick to covering songs with your lame band. I'm sure there will still be people worshipping you.