Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Lowdown on the Downlow

I'm now officially down with the brown, since my subscription to Vibe Magazine finally showed up. To make sure crackers like me are up to date on the current linguistical trends, Vibe has a little sidebar called "Slanguistics." This month I learned the following:

Paper Plates n. Large chrome rims. On "Family Ties," Dipset's 40 Cal brags about his Twinkies alongside Cam'ron and Hell Rell, spitting, "My truck is why haters hate, they think I'm drivin' a kitchen 'cause it comes with deep dishes and paper plates."

Look for me to be walking through parking lots saying, "Oh, no you didn't, check out the paper plates on that ride!!!"

Or more accurately, me driving through a parking lot and all the kids saying, "Oh, snap! Check out the paper plates on that Ford Focus!!!"

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