Saturday, August 08, 2009

Vacation Thoughts: No Motivation

I always have all sorts of plans to accomplish amazing things on vacation--i.e. writing/recording a new song in the 45 minutes while I'm in the condo alone will Curtis sleeps. As usual, it didn't work out. I did, however, get some reading in and a bunch of movie watching (details).

I read Eminem's autobiography, "The Way I Am," from start to finish yesterday. My review is short. Meh. It was generally unenlightening, with very little ground covered that hasn't shown up on the lyric sheets or depicted on "8 Mile." No insight on family drama, not even any details about the writing or recording process. (It was kinda "Dre and I started recording. We thought we had a hit, and it turns out we did. The end.")

So, if this is the next book in your Salt Lake County Library queue, go ahead and cancel the hold and check "Bring It On Part Deux" or something instead.

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Elder Hud said...

You picked up the wrong biography... you should have picked up the one about Slim Shady.