Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dress Ups

Again, way too much Chipmunks at our house lately. Now, Paige wants to play "Squeakquel" all the time. That means we pretend to be characters from the show. Paige is always Jeanette (or Jernette, as she pronounces it) and I am Simon. We each wear our sunglasses to make us look more like the four-eyed poindexters. (What kind of kid chooses to be the nerd?)

Sometimes we're allowed to change it up. The picture above was when Paige was Alvin, hence the red shirt and the sideways hat.The other day, Traci was instructed to be Britney. But Traci's brown shirt just wasn't going to cut it. Paige made it very clear that she better put on a pink shirt.

While Traci was changing, Paige came back in the room and made an announcement.

Paige: Mom, I put your shirt away.

Traci: Where'd you put it?

Paige: In the boring pile.

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