Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Modernization of St. George, Utah

We were all pretty happy to sneak down to St. George for the weekend. It's got everything the kids want--a swimming pool, a park, and a Wendy's. But Curtis was a little worried that Utah's Dixie wouldn't have one very important amenity.

CURTIS: Mom, is there chocolate milk in St. George?

TRACI: Yes, I think there is.

CURTIS: We can take ours with us [referring to the squeeze bottle of Hersey's syrup]. I can hold it on my lap in the car.

A sweet offer from Curtis, but St. George did, in fact, have chocolate milk. It was a wonderful trip.

This picture will forever serve as visual proof that our kids can actually be nice to each other. 

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Debi said...

That is so CUTE! The things they worry about.. I'm glad there was chocolate milk for Curtis! And it's always good to capture a sweet moment with kids - especially when they seem so few and far between!