Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ruff Ryders

Learning to ride a bike hasn't been easy for Paige. (She can blame most of that on the uncoordinated genes she got from her parents.) But now that it's getting warmer outside, she's been excited to try out the new bike that Santa delivered. 

The task is further complicated by having a little brother. Curtis was very interested in Paige's biking lessons. He spent all yesterday riding his scooter behind us as I hung onto to Paige (and to dear life) as we rode up and down the sidewalk. Today, however, he was a little less helpful.

As Paige and I went up and down the street, Curtis would run parallel up the sidewalk, roaring in his monster voice or randomly shouting, "STOPPPPPP! STOPPPPP!"

When Paige was finally able to tune out those distractions, he moved to Plan B.

One by one, he strategically placed rocks on the street, until he had created a barrier extending from our driveway to about halfway across the street.

"Curtis," I said, "No more rocks in the street, buddy."

"No," he said defiantly. "I'm not moving the rocks until you crash the bike."

Such a great little helper.

Despite his best efforts, we avoided all of his pitfalls. Paige even managed to stay upright most of our session (she only ran into one parked car and only fell down once). In fact, the only injury was sustained by me.  


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