Sunday, July 06, 2014

Always Something New to Learn

Taylorsville Dayzz. A city carnival so good that a boring old s needs to be replaced by two zs. 

As usual, the kids had a great time going on the rides and eating treats. (Traci spent the weekend being appalled by the fashion and demeanor of today's youth. She's getting so old.) But that was not the only adventure and entertainment to be had. 

At one point, Curtis needed to go to the bathroom which, at Taylorsville Dayzz, equals port-a-potties. When we walked in, Curtis looked around, taking in the ambiance and generally assessing the situation. He looked down at the toilet and said, "Why doesn't it flush?"

"Because," I started. Before I had the chance to finish, Curtis added, "BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME?!" 

"Yes, because it's awesome."


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