Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Another Baseball Season

Handling to the high heat
Rounding third and heading home
Working on the Golden Glove
Base running, like everything in Curtis' life, is serious
It's good to be teammates with your cousin
It's lucky that kids never seem to be affected by the temperature. Watching Curtis' baseball games was like sitting on the surface of the sun. While Curtis happily--or rather, dutifully--stood out on the field, the parents and siblings were scattered far and wide around the outskirts of the field, huddled in tiny circles of shade cast by the far-too-infrequent trees. Because there were only three teams in the whole league, every other game was a doubleheader, a test of those withering in the sweltering heat.

But Curtis didn't mind.

There's no time to worry about the weather, when you're focused on how cool it is to wear your first pair of batting gloves or the awesomeness of playing pitcher (which is mostly a figurehead position in coach-pitch baseball). Plus, there are treats after the game.

Hooray for America's pastime. 

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