Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Paige's Acting Debut

Paige was born for the stage. She started dancing when she was four [video]. She had her first piano recital when she was five. And she started singing in the school choir when she was seven. But this weekend was her biggest moment so far. Her big theatrical debut.

For the past eight months, she's been rehearsing for a play called Frostbite (which is in no way affiliated with Frozen, despite starring main characters who just happen to be named Anna and Elsa).

Paige had two roles: Lily Bo Peep and Snowman in a Hat. The world has never seen two more confident and animated characters. She knew her lines, hit her marks, and had the jazziest jazz hands of anyone on in the cast.

When she walked off the stage, she was absolutely beaming.

So were we. Proud dad and mom moment, for sure.

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