Sunday, May 31, 2015

When a Four-Year-Old is Your Best Buddy

I'm pretty lucky to have a little guy who wants to spend every minute of every day with me. 

We do lots of fun stuff together. We play football and soccer. We play drums and guitars and ukuleles (which are the perfect size for a preschooler). We walk to church and go to Home Depot and mow the lawn. We make paper airplanes and watch hockey and play the Wii. It's awesome. 

But sometimes things just get a little too familiar. 

Like last night when he said excitedly, "Dad, dad! Guess what?! I used your toothbrush!" 

Or when I tried to go into the bathroom by myself and he insisted on coming along. "Buddy," I explained. "I just need to go in by myself for a self for a second."

"I'll just come with you," he replied. 

"But what if I need to poop," I whispered. 

"That's okay," he whispered back. "I'll just hide in the tub."

Which he did. 

I guess that's what best buddies do. 

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