Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Day at Cub Country

I was pretty lucky to get to spend at Cub Country with Curtis. Though it's been almost 30 years since I was last there, it was just like I remember it.

First stop: The Trading Post. Thanks to the $10 Grandpa gave him, he was able to score a sweet rubber band shooter and a bear tooth necklace.

Then on to the obstacle course. Curtis was on his way to the record-setting time when the tires got the best of him. He was the first kid in the troop to scrape a knee; by the time we left, just about every boy was covered in band aids. 

The boys listened intently as the squeaky-voiced teen showed them how to shoot the BB guns. (I was mesmerized by his super-sweet teenage mustache.)

Finally, the moment came that he Curtis had been waiting for. He became a marksman. 

All that shooting makes boys hungry.

Curt was kind enough to pause for a photo with his biggest fan. 

And then it was back to business. 

Like roping fake calves. 

And learning how to fold the flag.

God bless Cub Country. 

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