Monday, July 04, 2016

Fine. You Can Pay for Your Own Swimming Lessons.

At least we won't have to worry about Curtis giving into peer pressure.

When the boy doesn't want to do something—which is almost always—he just won't do it.

Traci signed the kids up for swimming lessons again this summer. Though swimming is one of the few things that Curtis actually likes to do, he flat out refused.

When some kids refuse, you can just say, "Well, you're doing it anyway." That doesn't work with Curtis. You can try rewards, punishments, or whatever you want but he still won't budge.

After exhausting all avenues, Traci said, "Fine. Then you're going to have to pay me the 33 nonrefundable dollars that I paid for your lessons."


If there's one thing Curtis cares about, it's money. In lieu of Christmas and birthday presents, this year he just asked for cash. Throw in the money he got at his baptism, and he's basically loaded now.

He looked Traci in the eye, turned around, marched into his room, cracked open his wallet, and handed her exactly $33.

"Fine. There you go," he said defiantly.

Traci took the kids to swimming lessons. Paige and Tate got in the pool. Curtis stood his ground. He and Traci sat on the bleachers and watched.

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