Saturday, February 26, 2005

Believe it or not, the Sutherlands in Nature

Responsibility - what a drag. Things at work have really started picking up, so there has been no time to blog on the clock.

The trip to Vegas was really good. No matter where we go on vacation, it always rains - even when we are going to the desert. Nevertheless, it was still good to get away. The original plan was for my sister's boyfriend, Dan, to fly us to the Grand Canyon in his little plane (he's working on becoming a pilot) but it was too rainy. I thought the idea of us being in a fiery plane accident would be really good blog material, but no such luck.

Breaking our own general rule of only frequenting man-made attractions in Vegas, we replaced the plane trip with some light hiking with Sarah and Dan at Red Rocks Canyon. Hiking in Vegas, who would've thunk it.

This is blog-worthy only because I believe this is the first hiking Traci and I have done in our married life. It's not that dislike hiking - I quite enjoy it, actually. The thing is Traci and I would never spend time in nature of our own accord. We will only do it if it's someone else's idea. We're city folk.

We had a good time. We got some fresh air, got out of the city and I saw my first wild burrow. Can't beat that.

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Anonymous said...

I'm kind of surprised that you didn't get attacked by the wild burrow.