Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Weekend Movie Reviews

Traci brought home a bunch of DVDs from the library for our weekend viewing pleasure. We got around to two of them.

Little Black Book

I don’t know why Traci chose this one. Every time we watch a Britney Murphy movie she spends two hours saying how much she hates Britney Murphy. Oh, she had a lot to hate about this movie.

It is the story of emaciated Britney Murphy trying to find out the truth about her boyfriend by contacting all of the old girlfriends listed in his Palm Pilot while he’s out of town. Slow, uninteresting, lame.

Keeping the Faith

We gave this one a shot because it stars Ben Stiller as a rabbi—yep, a rabbi. It’s also got Ed Norton, Jr. and Jenna Elfman, a.k.a. Dharma from “Dharma & Greg.”

While not the greatest movie in the world, it wasn’t bad. Stiller’s best friend is Norton, who is a Catholic priest. The rabbi and priest both fall in love with the same Jenna Elfman. Uh-oh, trouble! If you’re going to rent this, get it from your local library—it’s free!

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Anonymous said...

One thing Spencer didn't mention is that I think Brittany Murphy is a meth addict and that is why she is so skinny and like tweaking out the whole movie- don't belive me? Watch any scene in this movie where she cries.