Friday, February 18, 2005

College Drama Continues

First I didn't graduate at all, and now I'm going to get to be the star of the show. Since the U. changed my graduation date from May 2004 to Summer 2004 (the start of a new school year), I am eligible to go to commencement again this May. And according to a letter that I received yesterday, not only can I walk again (heck, I did buy the cap and gown), but they want me to give a speech.

From the letter:

"You are presently a candidate to receive academic honors upon your graduation from the University. Final academic honors determinations will be made whenSpring Semester, 2005 grades are recorded. In the meantime, I am pleased toinvite you to submit a speech for consideration in our selection of a student speaker at the University's May Commencement ceremonies."

I think I will give a speech. It'll go a little something like this: "Hello, I would like to tell you about all the crap I went through to get a diploma - all of which occured after I was done with my coursework." Do you think they'll pick me?

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