Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sorry Holland, I Guess I Don't Need You Anymore

In Holland and Belgium (and I'm guessing throughout Europe), instead of fast food restaurants, there are little snack shops on corners that sell French Fries or "frites." The best are the Vlaamse Frites (Flemish Fries) and they come topped with your choice of ketchup, curry ketchup, peanut sauce, mayonnaise, or patat oorlog (potato war)--which is the combination of all of those things. Though it took a while to get used to, mayo became my topping of choice.

There are times when I just want some frites so bad, and regular fries and crappy American mayonnaise just don't do the trick. The only solution is a $500 flight to Amsterdam. Until now.

Belgian Pierre Vandamme just opened up a Frites and Belgian waffels shop (Bruges Waffles & Frites) across the street from Pioneer Park in downtown SLC (336 W Broadway). He hand makes the fries and the waffles himself and they are absolutely amazing. Traci and I ate there tonight and she just about died from delight from the waffle covered in Belgian chocolate.

It was delightful. Lekker. Heerlijk. Zalig. Go there. And invite me.

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