Sunday, May 03, 2009

You and Me, We Have a Disease. You Affect Me, You Infect Me.

I took Curtis to the InstaCare on Saturday night. (We headed there the second we thought he was sick. We're not about to make another $1,300 trip to the ER. Another story for another time). While we were checking in, we stood next to a teenage punk boyfriend/girlfriend couple.

He had a mohawk and a KMFDM t-shirt (man, that band has great artwork), she had rad hair and big gauges. Of course I tried to eavesdrop on her explaining her symptoms to the receptionist.

"I have pain in my side and my kidneys...but it doesn't hurt when I pee or anything."

I was thinking what I'm sure everyone thinks when they see punks-in-love at the InstaCare--STD. It's gotta be an STD. Punks are always up to no good. Yes, definitely an STD. Or maybe swine flu. I took two squirts of the anti-bac on the desk and held my breath.

Curtis didn't have an STD or swine flu. Just an ear infection like always. No report yet on the punks.


Anonymous said...

April is STD awareness month, be careful. STD cases on the rise!
A friend of mine who works for the largest STD dating == Positivefish. com == told me that the new subscribers have increased 30% over 2008. Rising STD rate sparks online dating sites.

Tim said...

I think that Curtis is faking symptoms to get attention. Kids are more sophisticated these days, so watch out!